Sunday Bests: 5 Years of Teaching and Too Much Wine

Last week was the close of year 5. I remember how I wanted to teach high school in Huntington Beach, but a different opportunity came around and it has been perfect. Perfect doesn’t mean it was easy. Perfect means It’s closer to home – 20 minutes instead of 45 minutes! I came in with 12 other new teachers and we keep in touch even though … Continue reading Sunday Bests: 5 Years of Teaching and Too Much Wine

Sunday Bests: Rest (Assured)

I prepared for this week last week and then took the weekend completely off to mentally prepare, and it went very well. I got through my last two IEP meetings and a full day of twelve 30-minute transition meetings and organizing them for me and my coworker, who also had twelve of his own. The process involves scheduling translators, parents, reps from the high school, … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Rest (Assured)

Sunday Bests: A Crazy New Endeavor

Last week was the beginning of a new and challenging “endeavor.” I’m teaching an extra class of some of the most difficult students at school. After our first day, my work wife and I needed a drink. But things got better fast. It’s a welcomed challenge, a wrench tossed into the routine. I’m spending more than my hour with the group too. My life-work balance is … Continue reading Sunday Bests: A Crazy New Endeavor

Being A Teacher (Teacher Appreciation Week)

It’s the last month of school and tis semester has flown. Apparently, I’m the only person to be ecstatic while everyone else is worn down. Maybe it’s all my long weekends and trips. 🙂 I’m a firm believer that you should take your sick days. I’m a believer that you shouldn’t wait for retirement but live like it now. My friend commented, “I want a … Continue reading Being A Teacher (Teacher Appreciation Week)