Back into it: Socializing

Friday: board game night It was a simple and easy evening with friends. We took a group trip to Target to buy Cards Against Humanity. I couldn’t stop making jokes and laughing, especially playing off kindred spirit Freddy. Saturday: Christmas events December 1st so of course we were allowed to do all things Christmas. We started by getting hot chocolate and cookies on the beach … Continue reading Back into it: Socializing

Solo 24 Hours in Lake Arrowhead

Meetings, paperwork, meetings, and… teaching. At the beginning of the week, especially Wednesday, I’m a mess. So on Wednesday, I put in a sub request and booked an AirBnb in Lake Arrowhead. …and immediately, I felt free. My mind felt free from my daily “teacher” brain and I dove into my library to find a book (The Secret Life of Bees) and started watching “The Haunting … Continue reading Solo 24 Hours in Lake Arrowhead