Sunday Bests: Last Week of Summer/One Last Tan

I would say “I tried to enjoy the last week of summer by going out and being outside,” but who am I kidding? It’s Southern California and we have weather that permits outdoor beer gardens and beach days. Elle was in town on Monday so we met up for dinner. I had a big salad and a margarita. On Wednesday, I went to trivia night … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Last Week of Summer/One Last Tan

Sunday Bests: Can’t Keep Me Down!

At the time of writing this and for the last two weeks, I’ve been fighting off fatigue, a muscle injury that’s causing headaches!, little appetite, and doubts about everything I am. A little here and there is compounding to a very difficult season of my life. However, it can’t be that hard because I’m pushing through it. I’m forcing myself to go out and do … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Can’t Keep Me Down!

Sunday Bests: Baby Showers

I don’t go to a lot of weddings or baby showers, but when they come, they all come at once! Two of my closer friends are sporting baby bumps and they’re gorgeous! They served mimosas at the second baby shower, but I wanted “double crisp” fries from SOCIAL and since it was happy hour, got a paloma as well… followed by visiting a new brewery, … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Baby Showers