Sunday Bests: A Crazy New Endeavor

Last week was the beginning of a new and challenging “endeavor.” I’m teaching an extra class of some of the most difficult students at school. After our first day, my work wife and I needed a drink. But things got better fast. It’s a welcomed challenge, a wrench tossed into the routine. I’m spending more than my hour with the group too. My life-work balance is … Continue reading Sunday Bests: A Crazy New Endeavor

My Horoscope Told Me… to Rest & “Enjoy the Adventure”

This is my first weekend at home since… March? I was in Europe, camping, hiking (in LA so this is still considered home), in Mexico, and North Carolina. While most of it was restful, just “being” was much needed and my monthly horoscope agrees.* (Read this: The Weirdest Best Part of Trips) Aside from being out of town on the [long] weekends, I’ve had meetings and … Continue reading My Horoscope Told Me… to Rest & “Enjoy the Adventure”

Sunday Bests (11/12/17)

I’m experiencing some FOMO right now, as my friends traveled to the places I had on my radar: Palm Springs and San Francisco. I decided to take it easy, especially with consuming alcoholic beverages, and live a “healthier” and slower weekend. This was my weekend: I attempted to go to The Broad on FRIDAY without tickets. We got there 2 hours early and the line was around … Continue reading Sunday Bests (11/12/17)