Sunday Bests: Rest Week (But Not Really)

I’m still high on last weekend’s camping trip. It was refreshing but not quite restful – we spent all day out hiking and roaming, came back late, and sat by the campfire for dinner, s’mores, games, and laughter! It was back to work and quite a busy week – advertising for Rainbow Youth and potluck for back to school night. The AC was broken at … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Rest Week (But Not Really)

Sunday Bests: Everyday Life

Weekday happy hour and dress shopping I’ll be a bridesmaid at a destination wedding this November! Hot yoga and Jamba Juice I haven’t had Jamba Juice since high school! Ham and cheese sliders Homemade nutter butters Pool party & BBQ Caz announced they have a baby brewing! Sunday brunch and drinks with Jordan at a bar with a secret entrance (Davey Wayne’s) Sunday night tiki … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Everyday Life