Sunday Bests: Catching Up with Friends

I’ve caught up on sleep and maybe I’m even oversleeping by going to bed by 8 or 9pm. Working out when I wake up has helped my mood after work and allowed me to do things with friends. I shared a bottle of wine (50% off) with a co-worker at Cultivation Kitchen then passed out, drove out to Chino Hills to visit a friend and … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Catching Up with Friends

Sunday Bests: My So-Called Break Weekend

I was supposed to take a break this week. There were cool things happenin’ in San Diego, but gas is over $4/gallon here and I’m sick of being in traffic… and I was just overwhelmed and tired. So, unfortunately, I don’t know what breaks look like. My non-breaks look like big events and out-of-town day or overnight trips. On Sunday night, I picked up a … Continue reading Sunday Bests: My So-Called Break Weekend

Sunday Bests: Rest Week (But Not Really)

I’m still high on last weekend’s camping trip. It was refreshing but not quite restful – we spent all day out hiking and roaming, came back late, and sat by the campfire for dinner, s’mores, games, and laughter! It was back to work and quite a busy week – advertising for Rainbow Youth and potluck for back to school night. The AC was broken at … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Rest Week (But Not Really)

Sunday Bests: Baby Showers

I don’t go to a lot of weddings or baby showers, but when they come, they all come at once! Two of my closer friends are sporting baby bumps and they’re gorgeous! They served mimosas at the second baby shower, but I wanted “double crisp” fries from SOCIAL and since it was happy hour, got a paloma as well… followed by visiting a new brewery, … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Baby Showers

Week in the Life: June 2019

I’m home… for 12 days before heading off on my next adventure. Keep up on Instagram. 🙂 Bachelorette Monday at Native Son, with wine and pasta *We also went to amateur open mic comedy night at Chapter One (6pm-1am in their back room). Happy hour with Elle and friends at El Mercado – I got their happy hour chicken quesadilla and shared shrimp tacos ON … Continue reading Week in the Life: June 2019

Sunday Bests: Rest (Assured)

I prepared for this week last week and then took the weekend completely off to mentally prepare, and it went very well. I got through my last two IEP meetings and a full day of twelve 30-minute transition meetings and organizing them for me and my coworker, who also had twelve of his own. The process involves scheduling translators, parents, reps from the high school, … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Rest (Assured)