Sunday Bests: Worse Before It Gets Better

Continued Anxiety (from last week) I worked alllll day on Wednesday night and took myself to Purify Sauna Lounge. On the way home, 8 at night, I had a blowout on the freeway. Thankfully, I got my spare put on quickly, but, because I instinctively stepped on the brake, I slammed into my dashboard screen and cracked the touchscreen. The display is still working yet … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Worse Before It Gets Better

February Recap & March Intentions

February Recap February was fantastic and according to my Chinese zodiac (1st), that’s no surprise. To recap, I went to my first Hello Wellness event with no bread Spent Jordan’s birthday waiting in line for Nashville hot chicken Vacationed with Nathan in San Diego Volunteered at The GOOD Fest and met an inspiring and energetic group of people! Went back to San Diego to hike … Continue reading February Recap & March Intentions

January Recap & February Intentions

December (& January) Recap Take walks in the afternoon. Check! I also got in a lot of hiking in January! Spend time with people. I spent a lot of time nourishing my relationships with my BFFs and calling Liz. Be LOVE over the holidays. I think I think I did this. I didn’t have anxiety over doing very little for 2 weeks. Rest. My neck and shoulder pain went away! … Continue reading January Recap & February Intentions

January Recap

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and according to my zodiac, it seems like a pretty solid year. As a teacher, 60 is a D though… Hiking Black Star Canyon A couple years ago, we attempted to get together for this hike. It started to sprinkle and everyone bailed so I went solo. It was tough then but less so now that I’ve done more hikes with water crossings and traversing rocks. We … Continue reading January Recap

October/November Recap & December Intentions

October Intentions Recap Eat more food. Trips make it easier as I follow eating habits of friends who don’t have food hang ups. Sleep more. Nope. Now, I’m working on sleeping in blocks – 5 hours at night, 2 hour nap. Relieve stress with walks and journaling. I dropped this, but I’ve been adding it back in. I went on a couple walks (2.5 and 8 miles) … Continue reading October/November Recap & December Intentions

September Recap & October Intentions

September Recap Do less out of habit. I’ve skipped a bunch of events with the girls and I don’t feel bad about it. 🙂 Go out into nature. I did a couple of memorable hikes and spent a glorious 3 days in Big Sur. Now all my pending plans involve being outdoors. Read a book. Still working on this. I’m still reading Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and added Girl … Continue reading September Recap & October Intentions

August Recap & September Intentions

August Recap Practice self-care. I spent last Sunday getting sugared, getting a mani-pedi, having tea with the girls, and then buying a dress. It was the girliest day ever. Learn to let go of control and just deal with my feelings. I struggled partway through summer, which is nothing new. I get the seasonal blues, feeling purposeless. Once work started, I delved into work and the present. … Continue reading August Recap & September Intentions