Sunday Bests: Self-Work & Community (LA & San Diego)

Before I recap my weekend, I should mention that I made a big change this week – I ended my romantic relationship. It started last Cinco de Mayo and I can’t doubt I grew and learned a lot. Unfortunately, there was a lot of frustration in a portion of the relationship that has never seen better days in the time we were together. More on … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Self-Work & Community (LA & San Diego)

Sunday Bests (11/12/17)

I’m experiencing some FOMO right now, as my friends traveled to the places I had on my radar: Palm Springs and San Francisco. I decided to take it easy, especially with consuming alcoholic beverages, and live a “healthier” and slower weekend. This was my weekend: I attempted to go to The Broad on FRIDAY without tickets. We got there 2 hours early and the line was around … Continue reading Sunday Bests (11/12/17)