Fall Road Trip: Zion National Park

Things aren’t quite back to normal. I’m still teaching from home as I work in a city with the most cases in our county. However, I was able to sneak away for the weekend. To be honest, all my friends and hiking groups have been posting pictures of Zion. I didn’t go last year because Angels Landing and the Narrows seemed to extreme. Spoiler: they’re … Continue reading Fall Road Trip: Zion National Park

June Recap: In Between Times (& San Diego Camping)

Well, here we are. 100 days into… whatever you want to call it at this point. There’s the usual stuff, hiking on my own and a couple of friends. We found the “goats at work” on the Turtle Rock trail. Other hikes: O’Neill Regional Park and Portuguese Bend Nature Preserve. There are no more Zoom happy hours, except with those who are actually long distance. … Continue reading June Recap: In Between Times (& San Diego Camping)

2020 & January Intentions

January 1st Tried parts of a smoked apple fritter from J.D. Flannel. Hiked 10.4 miles to Sitton Peak faster and more fearless than before. Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t open. January 2nd Laid in bed exhausted. Did some yoga. Co-workers’ boyfriends cooked food. I drank a whole bottle of wine. Hope I didn’t do anything stupid. January 3rd Hungover. Mom coined my back, I took Advil and … Continue reading 2020 & January Intentions

Sunday Bests: Leaf Chasing & Pumpkin Carving

In past Octobers, I’ve been to the Eastern Sierras and New Mexico for some of the most relaxing trips. Last year in October, I spent a 3-day weekend in Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear. I’m a PSL basic b*tch but now I’m into apple cinnamon everything instead. Somehow, I’m being more responsible with my funds and I’m going to a destination wedding next month and … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Leaf Chasing & Pumpkin Carving

Sunday Bests: Perfect Spring Weather

This was a good week and weekend, despite it being busy. I was able to manage it all, taking on extra tasks without feeling overwhelmed. I made a list of all the things I accomplished daily to show how awesome I am and to feel grateful. Often, I feel like I don’t do enough, but I couldn’t be more wrong! Weekday Hike: Santiago Oaks I … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Perfect Spring Weather