Back into it: Socializing

Friday: board game night It was a simple and easy evening with friends. We took a group trip to Target to buy Cards Against Humanity. I couldn’t stop making jokes and laughing, especially playing off kindred spirit Freddy. Saturday: Christmas events December 1st so of course we were allowed to do all things Christmas. We started by getting hot chocolate and cookies on the beach … Continue reading Back into it: Socializing

Leaning Into Friends (Day Trip to Temecula)

No one would ever say I have a “resting bitch face.” I have the opposite of that. I’m the opposite – happy, positive, and friendly. But it’s not what it seems and I too get tired and sad. My life sometimes feels like a romantic movie. Recently, I’ve struggled with some personal, existential stuff. I was trying to distract myself from my problems by supporting … Continue reading Leaning Into Friends (Day Trip to Temecula)

Traveling Together: 5 Day California Road Trip

Friday: Orange County, CA We started the trip with a gathering of my friends for my belated 31st birthday in Santa Ana. I love these photos because it showcases adult women loving and supporting each other. It was such a treat to get everyone (including all the husbands, boyfriends and male friends) out. …and I’m still having the time of my life at 31. Saturday: … Continue reading Traveling Together: 5 Day California Road Trip