Back into it: Socializing

Friday: board game night It was a simple and easy evening with friends. We took a group trip to Target to buy Cards Against Humanity. I couldn’t stop making jokes and laughing, especially playing off kindred spirit Freddy. Saturday: Christmas events December 1st so of course we were allowed to do all things Christmas. We started by getting hot chocolate and cookies on the beach … Continue reading Back into it: Socializing

6 1/2 months later… (from the meet cute)

Today, I mailed another package. I think it’s the 4th or 5th one I’ve sent since May to Colorado. This package had some snacks as always but also sunglasses. May It’s serendipitous because on Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby weekend, I left my sunglasses in North Carolina and they were taken to Colorado. June Instead of having them sent to me, I went to Colorado a month … Continue reading 6 1/2 months later… (from the meet cute)

Palm Springs: Let’s Do It Again!

Can we do this trip over again? Let’s bike to hotel hot tubs and drink with strangers from Pittsburgh for 4 hours again. Let’s play pool until 3am with lost souls again. Let’s go to another tiki bar together. Let’s eat Nashville hot chicken at a gay bar again. Let’s lay on a blanket in the park again. Let’s drive through Joshua Tree then make … Continue reading Palm Springs: Let’s Do It Again!

Sunday Bests: The Good Stuff

I have a countdown to Thanksgiving break and a special visitor. I won’t get into all the things that got us to this visit – maybe one day. The last few weeks for work has sucked, simply and plainly. It’s busy and filled with a lot of unnecessary tasks and challenges that makes me wonder, Is it worth it? I’ve oscillated from crying to anger far too frequently. … Continue reading Sunday Bests: The Good Stuff