January Recap & February Intentions

December (& January) Recap Take walks in the afternoon. Check! I also got in a lot of hiking in January! Spend time with people. I spent a lot of time nourishing my relationships with my BFFs and calling Liz. Be LOVE over the holidays. I think I think I did this. I didn’t have anxiety over doing very little for 2 weeks. Rest. My neck and shoulder pain went away! … Continue reading January Recap & February Intentions

January Recap

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year and according to my zodiac, it seems like a pretty solid year. As a teacher, 60 is a D though… Hiking Black Star Canyon A couple years ago, we attempted to get together for this hike. It started to sprinkle and everyone bailed so I went solo. It was tough then but less so now that I’ve done more hikes with water crossings and traversing rocks. We … Continue reading January Recap

October/November Recap & December Intentions

October Intentions Recap Eat more food. Trips make it easier as I follow eating habits of friends who don’t have food hang ups. Sleep more. Nope. Now, I’m working on sleeping in blocks – 5 hours at night, 2 hour nap. Relieve stress with walks and journaling. I dropped this, but I’ve been adding it back in. I went on a couple walks (2.5 and 8 miles) … Continue reading October/November Recap & December Intentions