Sunday Bests: Everyday Life

Weekday happy hour and dress shopping I’ll be a bridesmaid at a destination wedding this November! Hot yoga and Jamba Juice I haven’t had Jamba Juice since high school! Ham and cheese sliders Homemade nutter butters Pool party & BBQ Caz announced they have a baby brewing! Sunday brunch and drinks with Jordan at a bar with a secret entrance (Davey Wayne’s) Sunday night tiki … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Everyday Life

3rd Annual BFF Birthday Trip: Seattle

I met Liz my first year in college and we were inseparable. She was my first female BFF and continues to be one of my BFFs. We’ve celebrated 13 birthdays together and for our 14th birthday together, Liz picked Seattle and I tacked on Vancouver. Our annual birthday trip (my birthday is in July and hers is in August) began in 2017. We flew in … Continue reading 3rd Annual BFF Birthday Trip: Seattle

Sunday Bests: Baby Showers

I don’t go to a lot of weddings or baby showers, but when they come, they all come at once! Two of my closer friends are sporting baby bumps and they’re gorgeous! They served mimosas at the second baby shower, but I wanted “double crisp” fries from SOCIAL and since it was happy hour, got a paloma as well… followed by visiting a new brewery, … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Baby Showers

Rhine Getaway: Black Forest & Trip Recap

The Rhine We chose the Rhine Getaway this year with my aunt and cousin. We started in Amsterdam (extended our trip 2 days), Kinderdijk & Cologne, Marksburg, Rüdesheim, & Heidelberg, Strasbourg, the Black Forest, and Basel… but only for the morning. This was a big bummer for us as we hoped to see more of Switzerland; however, I expect it would’ve been expensive. Last year’s … Continue reading Rhine Getaway: Black Forest & Trip Recap

Lower Antelope Canyon & Grand Canyon

After leaving the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and saying goodbye to Hercules, I was solo again. It was time to head into Northern Arizona for the second leg of the trip. Lower Antelope Canyon I booked a tour of Lower Antelope Canyon through Ken’s Tours. As the site sits on Navajo land, you must take a tour to enter. Surprisingly, the stairs down were scary … Continue reading Lower Antelope Canyon & Grand Canyon

Sandboarding & Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Coral Pink Sand Dunes When I saw a Girls Who Hike event to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, I was in! I bought a spot from someone who dropped out and after hiking Bryce Canyon in the morning, I met up with Kristen and Tatiana at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. After setting up camp, we went sandboarding! I was hesitant but loved it! We … Continue reading Sandboarding & Best Friends Animal Sanctuary