5 Days of Galentine’s (Weekend in San Diego)

San Diego Long Weekend I was hungover, but I dragged myself to SD Sweat Squad’s event: 20 minutes on the Versa climber and 20 minutes of Lagree. It was a daze and hard, but I sweat out the hangover! I was pretty tired from the week – overworked and underfed – so I took myself to sushi. Normally, I sit at the bar, but I … Continue reading 5 Days of Galentine’s (Weekend in San Diego)

2020 & January Intentions

January 1st Tried parts of a smoked apple fritter from J.D. Flannel. Hiked 10.4 miles to Sitton Peak faster and more fearless than before. Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t open. January 2nd Laid in bed exhausted. Did some yoga. Co-workers’ boyfriends cooked food. I drank a whole bottle of wine. Hope I didn’t do anything stupid. January 3rd Hungover. Mom coined my back, I took Advil and … Continue reading 2020 & January Intentions

Phoenix (and Scottsdale) City Guide

Before you read ahead, here are the highlights: nami tsyonami, Harumi Sushi, Valley Bar, and Camelback Mountain via Cholla Trail. If you do nothing else, go to/eat/do those. Where I Stayed I stayed in a casita, a transformed garage, in a home and street that was very much Beverly Hills. It’s a 1920s Tudor style home owned by Fawn, a photographer, whom I spoke to … Continue reading Phoenix (and Scottsdale) City Guide

Cabo San Lucas & Todo Santos, Baja California Sur

One of my highly anticipated trips this year was to Cabo San Lucas for my work wife’s destination wedding. I’m more of a mountain person so an all-inclusive beach resort was new to me and I didn’t hate it. Price-wise, $1500 was a deal for 2 people, 4 nights in a suite, and with all food and drinks we could want. Room service sparkling wine … Continue reading Cabo San Lucas & Todo Santos, Baja California Sur

Sunday Bests: My So-Called Break Weekend

I was supposed to take a break this week. There were cool things happenin’ in San Diego, but gas is over $4/gallon here and I’m sick of being in traffic… and I was just overwhelmed and tired. So, unfortunately, I don’t know what breaks look like. My non-breaks look like big events and out-of-town day or overnight trips. On Sunday night, I picked up a … Continue reading Sunday Bests: My So-Called Break Weekend

Sunday Bests: Me at my best (at home, at work, with friends)

This was an insane week, but I showed up for it. It was even that time of the month! It was me doing my best, being a good enough teacher (2 of 4 periods are lovely, the other 2 kill me), and taking time to be with friends yet still getting activity and rest. Me, at home Me, at work Me, with friends Yelp 80s … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Me at my best (at home, at work, with friends)