Around Town: Memorial Day Weekend in Orange County

The Week’s Discoveries:

It was the last full week of work and it wasn’t too bad. My co-worker and I checked out a brand new bar in the neighborhood, Next Round. Then I stopped by another local spot, Blackmarket Meal Prep, for protein donuts and a new flavor of bang energy drink – it was needed for a long day Thursday!


Friday, I quickly went home for a nap before hanging out with friends, drinking wine, roasting marshmallows, and soaking in the jacuzzi before passing out on their couch!

Saturday morning, I felt rested probably because I love falling asleep on couches and made a stop by Huskins Coffee on my way home. I blended my fresh hot drip coffee with Koia’s cinnamon horchata, which made for the best aroma/experience. The rest of the day was spent in bed and getting (all protein) sushi delivered. Oh, at some point I got up to workout!


When I hear the word “rain,” I think I need to get in one more hike! I went to a local trail and went up and down its hills for a quick 3ish miles while listening to Body Positive Power. Then I walked around more at the Patchwork Festival where I bought a couple of items from Erin Vaughan. We stopped in for lunch at Alta Baja Market – the most delicious breakfast quesadilla on a La Palma (local!) tortilla.

Last stop: The Frida Cinema to watch “Back to the Future.”


After a good glute workout, East Coast Bagel hit the spot and probably the best bagels in the area. My little cousin stayed over for the weekend and loves going around with me. She asked for coffee (fancy mint mojito from blk dot) and to see Aladdin. I actually sat through it without thinking, When is this over?!

How did you spend your long weekend?

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