Sunday Bests: Food or Fitness?

Beer & Donut Tasting

The week started off with a lot of negativity. It’s that time of the year and I always find myself feeling okay, but others are not. I literally didn’t want to talk to anyone, which is rare for me. But of course, once I made it to the Yelp Beer and Donut tasting, I found myself chatty again.

The event was at Brewheim with donuts from Glee Donuts & Burgers. We started with a flight of 5 lighter beers and donuts, took a brewery tour, and returned to 5 darker beers and their donut pairings. They had a beer or two for every taste and we learned to eat frosted donuts upside down to get the flavor on your tongue!

Taste of Anaheim

I also got tickets to the Taste of Anaheim through Yelp this week. We ate all the protein and nabbed some drinks before having a few more drinks with friends. Stops: Grasslands for BOGO drinks, Hammer “Workshop” & Bar for cocktails (I didn’t finish mine because I apparently don’t like mint juleps – there’s too much syrup!), and Unsung Brewery/Pali Wine.

San Bernardino Peak Hike

I didn’t want to hike 17 miles, but I didn’t want to back out so I met up with Jordan at San Bernardino Peak Trailhead. The elevation got to me really quickly. We were 1.5 miles shy of the summit but had to stop due to melting snow. I’m glad because while it was a steady incline and my feet were okay, my heart was pounding. The long downhill did leave me with some foot blisters. It definitely felt better than last week’s hike! We stopped into The Oaks Restaurant after for food – my legs were shaking under the table!

My body was super inflamed this week from stress, too much coffee/too little water, and maybe even the workouts I’m doing. The universe knows and sent rain to cancel my Sunday plans in San Diego. Instead, I slept in and rested.

Self-Care Sunday

  • I’ve waited for Rachael Good Eats’ tahini chocolate chunk cookies since I saw them on her stories. The recipe came out this week and I immediately baked them! They’re moist and cakey and got lots of likes.
  • I started Educated last Sunday during my hike and listened a bit more on my drive to this week’s hike. Friends and the internet have said great things.
  • Saturday night, I propped up my legs and watched “Good Sam” while eating ice cream.

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