California’s Low Desert (and San Diego Meet Up)

San Diego Meet Up

Celeste of Seldomly Still put together a meet-up at Nolita Hall in Little Italy. First off, I loved the decor and always wanted to pop in so this was the perfect opportunity. Second, I absolutely loved everyone! I saw Jo and Christina, met a handful of amazing women, and I felt connected!

Eagle Rock hike

Salvation Mountain

We drove to Salvation Mountain then planned on driving north along the Salton Sea to see the Desert X installations (every other year). It’s a one time thing. There is nothing out by the Salton Sea, except defunct towns and “beaches” with fish bone sand. The Salton Sea is slightly saltier than the Great Salt Lake and is polluted by agricultural run-off.

Palm Springs

We gave up looking for Desert X installations and frankly, we were unimpressed. So we booked it to the Ace Hotel for refreshing drinks ($5 beers at 5:30pm), lounging, and music (outpost of Coachella). We rested before heading home with no traffic!

Despite being underwhelmed by the Low Desert, we had a relaxing weekend and we passed out at 10pm each night. What’s next?

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