Cinco de Mayo in Chapel Hill

I did this thing. Over the weekend, Kris invited us to North Carolina for Cinco de Mayo. I would not have considered it, but there was some sort of coincidence and plane tickets roundtrip were under $300.

So I flew to Raleigh, with a layover in Denver where I was supposed to fly with my “coincidence” to our final destination. Well, it’s like a movie and someone mixed up their times on the flight. 

Instead, Kris and I spent the day hanging out, getting donuts, biscuits, and fried chicken!


We went to the Tupelo Honey in Raleigh, which wasn’t as good as its location in Denver. :/


We walked around the college, which is beautiful and historic.


We had a super fancy dinner at Bin 54 steakhouse in the evening.


My “coincidence” made it on Cinco de Mayo and after we all rested, we ate BBQ!


Then we had drinks at a friend’s, mint juleps for the Kentucky Derby and Palomas for Cinco de Mayo.


I ditched my phone for our evening on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. Surprisingly, there were few people but we went to a few bars (He’s Not Here) and did some dancing at Might As Well before singing and dancing in the streets.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 9.26.09 PM

It’s always so hard to leave North Carolina and even more so this time – I watched the sunrise, drank coffee, was engulfed in a big comfy pillow and warm hugs, beautiful buildings and trees, and spent time with friendly people who just made me so happy.


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