April Recap & May Intentions

It’s gonna be May.

One more month of the school year, my 4th year teaching middle school.

April Recap

April started off with my first trip to Europe via Viking River Cruise. I went to Passau, Germany; Linz, Germany & Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic; Krems, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Bratislava, Slovakia; and Budapest.

I went camping in Temecula with Girls Who Hike.


Then the next week, I checked off a bucket-list hike, Bridge to Nowhere.


And finally, friends visited and we went to Baja California, Mexico! I also showed Kris around, took him to a couple of hip bars, and sang karaoke!


There were plenty of happy hours after coaching track till 4:30 everyday too.


This month, I booked some upcoming trips too: a weekend in Yosemite in June and a last minute trip to Raleigh, North Carolina for Cinco de Mayo. I’m also planning a road trip:


May Intentions


  • Take chances. Spontaneously buy a plane ticket on Tuesday for Thursday? Yeah, I’ll do that.
  • Take dating “outdoors.” I stopped online dating, but I did meet my goal for the year! Time to try out offline dating with no plan. 🙂
  • Value my mama. It’s Mother’s Day this month so I’m going to plan a little something for her.
  • Rest when I can. Sleep and nap whenever because I’m too busy.
  • Sing. After karaoke last week, I realized how fun it is!
  • Use sunscreen. It’s spring/summatime and I’m gettin’ older.
  • Read a book. I read TWO (The Couple Next Door and All the Missing Girls) last month then fell off the wagon.

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