Spring Break 2018: Bratislava, Slovakia (and am I ready to retire?!)

This is part of a series of posts, including Passau, Germany; Linz & Český Krumlov; Krems, Austria; and Vienna.

This is a short post because we spent less than 5 hours in Bratislava and it was enough to keep me wanting more.

The tour of Bratislava was somewhat of a disappointment. Speckled with new, modern homes, most of Bratislava reminded me of California.

It was very windy out when we visited the Bratislava Castle. It was so windy up there, I got an earache!


Afterwards, we had a little time to explore Old Town. There were mostly tourists and tour groups in town.


You have to visit the iconic “man at work.”


With my remaining time, I stopped into Fach, a modern cafe with a coffee bar and fresh bread. They also had a separate juice bar. I ordered a regular coffee that came in a small cup like an espresso with a side of hot water. I guessed I was supposed to pour the hot water into the espresso to make a coffee – I could be wrong but it tasted right. 🙂


I was only able to sit in for a bit before having to get back on the boat.

We spent the rest of the day sailing down the Danube to our last destination, Budapest… in the next post.

Traveling and relaxation?

I fell asleep earlier than all the older folks, who also outdrank me. This trip was the most relaxing I have felt since New Mexico where I spent most of the trip in hot tubsMy last trip to San Francisco was hard because I was “dating.”

Traveling and relaxation has never gone hand in hand for me. I travel to do, which is why I don’t go on cruises or all-inclusive tropical resorts. But then I need days to recover from my usual vacations!

What I loved was this type of relaxation on the boat where I didn’t drive, didn’t have to pack and unpack, and the food on the boat was better than any of the Central European food. Paired with free afternoons to explore the city and I was content.

I exhausted myself so much that I hit the hay at 9pm every night on the very comfortable bed.

I think I found my soulmate vacation, which further has me believe that I’m a retiree at heart.

How do you relax on vacation?

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