Spring Break 2018: Vienna, Austria

This post is part of a series from my spring break that includes stops in Passau,Germany; Linz and Český Krumlov; and Krems, Austria.

I was most excited to visit Vienna on this trip and was up and off the ship by 7am.

I successfully navigated the subway system in Austria to find breakfast.

First stop: Hotel Daniel. I thought it was more rustic than modern and walked by the glass building several times before a nun helped me. Yes, queue “Sound of Music.” The food wasn’t stellar (a breakfast buffet), but the space was airy and decorated with house plants.


After roaming around the Naschmarkt (permanent farmer’s market), I stopped into a Viennese cafe. Phil is a coffee shop and bookstore with crevices of seating. I people watched with a glass of chai latte.



I aimlessly walked around town starring at Vienna’s architecture. Every single building, including the Russian consulate, was unbelievable.


I toured the Museumquartier and ran into my Canadian shipmates who told me about a spring wine festival at Rathausplatz, a palace turned hotel, on a Thursday! Those Europeans have fun all the time!


Austria was a much larger city than I expected. The map only took me as far as the Danube Canal, which I mistook for the river… and had a slight panic attack.


I ended up getting back on the subway to the boat in time to tour the Schronnbrun Palace.


I learned about the Hafsburgs and Maria Theresa. I geeked out, bought a book about them and can’t wait to learn about this part of history and the world!

We weren’t allowed to take photos, but according to Ken from Connecticut, the rooms are more impressive than Versailles!

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