Spring Break 2018: Linz, Austria & Český Krumlov

In the night, we sailed to Linz, Austria and came upon a city of blazing lights. It was the complete opposite of Passau and I was not impressed.

In the morning, I could see that Linz was industrialized, a port city like Long Beach. I still made a little stop for a famous Linzer torte at k.u.k. hofbackereiI learned backerei is bakery in German. 



The interior was from the imperial era with photographs from the time period and floral chairs.


I was glad I decided to take the excursion to Český Krumlov, a UNESCO site. Český Krumlov is a preserved medieval town.

We toured the castle and had a gorgeous view of the Vlata River that runs around the old town.


I ran into several dead ends before getting direct directions from the info booth to Eggenberg Brewery, now known as Český Krumlov Brewery.


I skipped lunch in lieu of beer and a piping hot trdelnik or chimney cake from MLS Creperie, which has a few windows by the castle. We stopped at the window with the ice cream version.


Back in Linz, I walked around the landstraße, which I learned in the pedestrian walkway lined with shops. Lots of children were eating eis (ice cream) on the street and young adults picnicked by the Danube with beers in hand. Linz is also a college town.

I found my way to another pedestrian street with small tables outside of every cafe. I stopped at Friedlieb und Tochter, a modern coffee shop with tea and crafted baked goods.


Linz might not be my favorite city, but it showcases a mix of the new and old. The old is seen in the architecture and the new is more apparent in the industry, trucks carrying goods, university students, and hipster shops.

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