Spring Break 2018: Passau, Germany

For spring break this year, I booked a Viking River Cruise for myself and brought my mom.

After a good night’s sleep in our cozy beds, we woke up to this view from our little window.


I was up early to walk around the charming little town of Passau. Of all the towns/cities we visited, Passau was the easiest to navigate.

I walked from the ship to the confluence of the three rivers (Danube, Inn, and Ilz) and over to the Impromenade, a grassy paved walkway along the Inn River.



On our tour later, we saw the flood marks on the Town Hall building as well as visited art alley and St. Stephen’s Cathedral. We could not go in since there was a service occurring at the time so we were unable to see the largest church pipe organ in Europe!


After the tour, we stopped by Simon Confiserie for my mom to pick up a peach cake and I got a chocolate truffle with gold speckles, but this modern coffee shop was my favorite. Schöffberger is steps away from St. Stephen’s Cathedral in an alley way on the way to Simon Confiserie.


Then, I climbed up to Veste Oberhaus, a former military fortress, for a view of the Danube and Inn Rivers. I could also see the Ilz River.


Passau was the perfect introduction to Europe with its gothic and baroque architecture, which resulted in these cute colorful box houses that reminded me of Ikea and not so much Germany. It was quaint and dreamy.

Little known fact: young Hitler lived here with his family for two years…

Have you visited Passau or another town like this? I’d love to know for next time I’m in Europe!

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