March Recap: Connection

Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

-Brene Brown

March can be summed up in one word: CONNECTION, connecting with my friends, my students, and new people.

Connecting with friends

I stuck around town and made an effort to plan happy hours to connect with old and new friends.


I was ecstatic to reunite with my groups of friends. I was gushing with joy to be able to finally gather with them since New Years or even before!


Connecting at work

A student observer paid me a great compliment while watching me with my 8th graders. These are the kids I’ve known since 6th grade who kept me afloat in the bad times. We have a relationship of mutual caring, sarcasm, and I’ve taught or know their siblings or family members. These kids talk to me about their boyfriends and periods and I share with them too. I share my Expo West snacks with them every year! And I’ve gladly gone the extra mile for them.

You bet I’ll be bawling my eyes out at the end of the year.

Connecting with other people

I’ll be candid here – I went on 7 first dates in 2 weeks this month. When I find one I really and truly like, I stick with that one. It was a little overwhelming and a lot of fun. I’m making a lot of progress personally, opening up my shell and apparently, it’s noticeable.

I was told just this week that I’m outgoing, that I made someone feel comfortable, that I’m easy to talk to, and I should have worries about finding someone.

In other news,

I didn’t go hiking. I haven’t hiked since San Francisco, although I did go for a 2-hour walk outside.

I did start intermittent fasting this week, drinking ghee coffee in the mornings and eating from 12-8pm. I’ve felt great and being busy, it was easy.

Additionally, I woke up early every morning to practice yoga. Then I worked out in the afternoons.

Coming up:

I leave today for a river cruise!

I’ll be camping and hiking with horses in Temecula the weekend after.

I am coaching track and field next month!

I booked a campsite in Big Sur for September.

I bought my plane ticket to Boston and the Northeast for July!


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