January: New Car, Dating, & My Word of the Year

What a long and challenging month!

First things first, I copped my dream car!


…and trekked out to Anza-Borrego for a day.


“There are people in life who make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and live a little better.” I hiked Topanga State Park with my favorite hiking buddy. We broke “Dry January” with a beer and laughed a lot. 


The next weekend, I hosted one of my college BFFs and recreated our photo from 2008. We did all things LA: yoga, hiked, age vegetarian food, and went to the Broad Museum.



January was a busy month with challenges at work and lots of customer service calls, but it was also a rewarding and fun month for which I am grateful.

At work: My work family is overflowing with joyful people and I haven’t thought about taking days off as often. 🙂

At home: I had to make half a dozen customer service calls for everything from car financing(!) to the internet being down.

My health: While there was a ton of stress, I’ve been outdoors, gone to leg days, kickboxing, and practiced plenty of yoga. I also stuck with Crest Whitestrips every night, taking care of my skin, getting my nails done, and eating relatively well. I’m still working on getting enough sleep.

In my personal life: I failed at “Dry January,” but I met a 2018 goal already. I went on 4 dates this month with some nice people and I’ve learned A LOT already. I’m learning to deal with rejection (and it’s not just me!), getting practice and being comfortable with myself and flirting, and figuring out what it is I want. I’m also trying to not put all my eggs in one basket (as they say).

I’d also like to share my word of the year: CONFIDENCE.


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