Sunday Bests (10/01/17)

I’m getting my life in order. There has been little work-life balance. Work bleeds into the rest of my life so I resolved to not do any work this weekend. Thankfully, we have a teacher workday tomorrow so I can catch up.

I’m taking full advantage of my weekends with OC Brew Ha Ha and Wizards Assemble Bar Crawl in LA. It’s not quite “getting my act together,” but it was fun exploring L.A. with a bunch of fellow Hufflepuffs. What’s your house?



Back to self-care – I’m a bit obsessed with getting my nails done. I haven’t found a favorite salon yet. I’m also decreasing my coffee intake and drinking green tea in the morning and licorice tea in the evening.


I’m getting back into walking. I walked at Back Bay a couple of times (1-2 hours) before meeting up with friends for a movie (“Home Again” was so funny!) and a healthy dinner.


The weather was perfect today for a 5-mile hike finally on my favorite trails in Orange County, Top of the World.


It’s October, the beginning of the holiday season in my eyes and in 14 days, I’ll be road tripping with one of my BFFs!


Here is my October bucket list:

  • Eat apple pie in Julian I’m going next Saturday.
  • Bake apple-something
  • Go on a picnic This has been on my list for months!
  • Watch “Hocus Pocus” I bought the movie today for $3.99 at Target!
  • Go to the pumpkin patch at Tanaka Farms They partnered up with Sanrio.
  • Hike to Pumpkin Rock
  • Hike Murphy Ranch, an old Nazi compound

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