Sunday Bests (08/20/17)

Whoa, its been awhile… once school started up, I’ve prioritized the important things.

Last weekend, I visited the goat I sponsor, Brave Heart.

Between visiting The Gentle Barn and trying to watch “Earthlings,” I’m limiting my meat consumption. Fortunately, I like seafood and am okay with that morally.

After our first day back to school, we watched “Bachelor in Paradise” and drank wine and ate Chipotle because we get so busy we forget to eat! *Tuesday’s episode was pretty crappy BTW. 


…and now onto my favorites from the week:

I can follow 2 of 4 tenets when it comes to work, but I probably need to spend more time elsewhere. But as a single person who loves both the kids and my co-workers…

Problems with being an empath. *sigh*

The Year of Yes? For me, it was the year of no.

Despite my past, I’m almost at optimal health. My periods are pretty good too.

Getting away from that strenuous exercise route and doing functional activities, although I do love a good lifting sesh.


I don’t have much planned for the weekend, so I may try these 10 small ways to be happy.


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