Sunday Bests (07/09/17)

Today is… my 30th birthday and I’m hoping I woke up early to walk at sunrise and am out biking on the beach with my friends.

Many of my friends are already 30 so NBD. I mean, THIS IS 30? I definitely have my head on straighter now than I did in my 20s…


I won’t be postponing any of my dreams until I get to the “perfect” weight.

Because your weight really doesn’t matter. My doctor tells me I’m pretty healthy.

I’ll be wearing my one-piece to the Channel Islands to kayak sometime this summer and maybe head to Catalina Island – I’ve been once, for our 8th grade trip – and eat blue mint and chip ice cream.

For my next road trip, I’m looking at the Northeast, but this list includes a few different cities to consider that you probably never thought of.

Or maybe I’ll take the jump and hit up foreign countries for people in their 30s.

Keto is the new “it” thing and it’s intriguing. Here’s a comprehensive and well-done website with images.

I’m hesitant though because I don’t want to get into yet another pseudo diet. This articles discusses what might be a “wellness epidemic.”

How did we ever research before the internet? I mean, I know but I’m still in awe. My elementary and middle school years were spent in libraries, and I still love them!

I can’t believe I’m 30, but I remind myself I’m not doing too bad. I might even be successful at adulting or at least comparable to others my age.

One lesson: it’s not about if you’re good enough – it’s about if they’re good enough.

If I can solidly make that my conviction, I could explore dating again and stop dating the wrong guys.

I’m still looking pretty young, but I have to up my self-care game or do what Parisians do, which is just living.

What gym? I haven’t been to a gym in months, but I have worked out at home and my preferred exercise now is anything outdoors. Side note: I seem to have money left over not paying more than $100 for the gym. Also my body feels less stressed and hopefully the extra few pounds will come off.

And don’t forget your travel pillow! I forgot mine and my neck was killing me. I just have a regular one, but here are some funky versions.


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