Is it Fall Yet? (One Day Escape to Ventura/Santa Barbara)

Autumn doesn’t officially begin until September 22nd, but I’m ready for it and Starbucks started pumpkin season awhile ago. My fall bucket list is rather lofty, and I already know I can’t possibly do it all. There were just so many lines and I had to fill them all in. Fall in California means… hiking! It was 75-ish yesterday so I drove up to Ventura/Santa Barbara for … Continue reading Is it Fall Yet? (One Day Escape to Ventura/Santa Barbara)

August Recap & September Intentions

August Recap Practice self-care. I spent last Sunday getting sugared, getting a mani-pedi, having tea with the girls, and then buying a dress. It was the girliest day ever. Learn to let go of control and just deal with my feelings. I struggled partway through summer, which is nothing new. I get the seasonal blues, feeling purposeless. Once work started, I delved into work and the present. … Continue reading August Recap & September Intentions

[Extra Long] Labor Day Weekend in Colorado

I’m home from Colorado and well rested, physically and mentally! I took a long weekend, starting on Thursday evening in Boulder. Friday Kris & Jordan arrived on Friday so I headed back to Denver to pick them up. Our first stop was Chautauqua Park in Boulder to hike the 1st and 2nd Flatirons. This was my third time up and it never gets old or easier … Continue reading [Extra Long] Labor Day Weekend in Colorado

Leaning Into Friends (Day Trip to Temecula)

No one would ever say I have a “resting bitch face.” I have the opposite of that. I’m the opposite – happy, positive, and friendly. But it’s not what it seems and I too get tired and sad. My life sometimes feels like a romantic movie. Recently, I’ve struggled with some personal, existential stuff. I was trying to distract myself from my problems by supporting … Continue reading Leaning Into Friends (Day Trip to Temecula)