Sunday Bests: Favorite Time of the Year

This was an ultra-busy but fun week. For the past 2 weeks, I’ve gotten enough sleep, workouts, and work has continued to be good. I’m praying it continues for 3 weeks before I’m on spring break! Truth be told: As I’m writing this, I’m exhausted from being so busy, CBD, daylight savings, and I have a stomachache. Self-Care Tuesday I had a hair appointment, but … Continue reading Sunday Bests: Favorite Time of the Year

February Recap & March Intentions

February Recap February was fantastic and according to my Chinese zodiac (1st), that’s no surprise. To recap, I went to my first Hello Wellness event with no bread Spent Jordan’s birthday waiting in line for Nashville hot chicken Vacationed with Nathan in San Diego Volunteered at The GOOD Fest and met an inspiring and energetic group of people! Went back to San Diego to hike … Continue reading February Recap & March Intentions

January Recap & February Intentions

December (& January) Recap Take walks in the afternoon. Check! I also got in a lot of hiking in January! Spend time with people. I spent a lot of time nourishing my relationships with my BFFs and calling Liz. Be LOVE over the holidays. I think I think I did this. I didn’t have anxiety over doing very little for 2 weeks. Rest. My neck and shoulder pain went away! … Continue reading January Recap & February Intentions