Sunday Bests: The Good Stuff

I have a countdown to Thanksgiving break and a special visitor. I won’t get into all the things that got us to this visit – maybe one day. The last few weeks for work has sucked, simply and plainly. It’s busy and filled with a lot of unnecessary tasks and challenges that makes me wonder, Is it worth it? I’ve oscillated from crying to anger far too frequently. … Continue reading Sunday Bests: The Good Stuff

Solo 24 Hours in Lake Arrowhead

Meetings, paperwork, meetings, and… teaching. At the beginning of the week, especially Wednesday, I’m a mess. So on Wednesday, I put in a sub request and booked an AirBnb in Lake Arrowhead. …and immediately, I felt free. My mind felt free from my daily “teacher” brain and I dove into my library to find a book (The Secret Life of Bees) and started watching “The Haunting … Continue reading Solo 24 Hours in Lake Arrowhead

Sunday Bests: A Crazy New Endeavor

Last week was the beginning of a new and challenging “endeavor.” I’m teaching an extra class of some of the most difficult students at school. After our first day, my work wife and I needed a drink. But things got better fast. It’s a welcomed challenge, a wrench tossed into the routine. I’m spending more than my hour with the group too. My life-work balance is … Continue reading Sunday Bests: A Crazy New Endeavor