Being A Teacher (Teacher Appreciation Week)

It’s the last month of school and tis semester has flown. Apparently, I’m the only person to be ecstatic while everyone else is worn down. Maybe it’s all my long weekends and trips. 🙂 I’m a firm believer that you should take your sick days. I’m a believer that you shouldn’t wait for retirement but live like it now. My friend commented, “I want a … Continue reading Being A Teacher (Teacher Appreciation Week)

My Horoscope Told Me… to Rest & “Enjoy the Adventure”

This is my first weekend at home since… March? I was in Europe, camping, hiking (in LA so this is still considered home), in Mexico, and North Carolina. While most of it was restful, just “being” was much needed and my monthly horoscope agrees.* (Read this: The Weirdest Best Part of Trips) Aside from being out of town on the [long] weekends, I’ve had meetings and … Continue reading My Horoscope Told Me… to Rest & “Enjoy the Adventure”

April Recap & May Intentions

It’s gonna be May. One more month of the school year, my 4th year teaching middle school. April Recap April started off with my first trip to Europe via Viking River Cruise. I went to Passau, Germany; Linz, Germany & Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic; Krems, Germany; Vienna, Austria; Bratislava, Slovakia; and Budapest. I went camping in Temecula with Girls Who Hike. Then the next week, … Continue reading April Recap & May Intentions

Weekend in Baja California (Tijuana & Rosarito)

It was an extra long weekend. I entertained guests in town and we packed our schedules. We started our road trip with Mexican (French?) breakfast at Anepalco here in Orange County – breakfast tacos and chilaquiles. Then it was non-stop to Tijuana. We easily crossed the border. We walked around downtown, getting super strong cold brew at Container Coffee Roasters before going to the tasting … Continue reading Weekend in Baja California (Tijuana & Rosarito)

Spring Break 2018: Budapest

This is part of a series of posts, including Passau, Germany; Linz & Český Krumlov; Krems, Austria; Vienna, and Bratislava, Slovakia. It was 11pm when we sailed into Budapest and I was the only person asleep. Thankfully, I stayed up the next night to see the Parliament building lit up. It’s just as gorgeous in the morning. The bus tour took us to the Buda castle district … Continue reading Spring Break 2018: Budapest